Bad Ice-Cream

--Player 1--
[Arrow keys] - move
[Space] or [return key] - shoot

--Player 2--
[W][A][S][D] - move
[F] - shoot

In this game you are playing as an ice-cream in a maze of fruits and enemies.

Your mission is to collect all fruit you get caught by an enemy!
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Bad Ice-Cream : Game Description

Bad Ice-Cream

Bad Ice-Cream is one of those legendary retro games which were popular many years ago but still a lot of people enjoy them and have a lot of fun. The original edition of the game was published more than 10 years ago and used the flash player as main game engine. Today with the death of flash player most retro games are unavailable to play, but Bad Ice-Cream game moved to HTML5 platform and as a result today you can enjoy the original game for free without any additional software or emulators. For those who have never played this game before, I would like to suggest not to judge this game upon it's graphics - gameplay and interesting levels are more important. So, if you have never played this game before I will teach you about the basic rules of the game. You control a small ice-cream that moves in the maze of ice,fruit and enemies. Your mission is to collect all fruits and avoid catching by the enemies. You have an extremely useful skill - you can build ice walls and destroy them. Use this skill to trap the enemies.

How To Play Bad Ice-Cream?

Each level of the game is different. As you progress, you can find new types of enemies, some of them can run faster, while others can break ice cubes. The game is becoming more and more difficult as the number of fruits to be collected is rising as well as the number of enemies. Also keep an eye on the timer - you should complete the level until the time goes to zero. Remember that Bad Ice-Cream is available in multiplayer mode.

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